(Yahoo!) - The letter "e" is the most commonly used Scrabble letter, and in this sentence alone, it is used 15 times. So you might imagine that a medium that is all about words, hip-hop, would be hard-pressed to go through an entire song without using it once. But Andrew Huang, who is famous already for his impressive performances on YouTube, decided to give it a shot, and the result is mind-boggling. Aside from being an expert wordsmith, Huang is also a talented rapper, stringing together such lyrics as "Do you kids miss this stiff fifth glyph?" and "Violin gigs, absurd paid shindigs, and Thursdays." Not only does the song not contain an "e" in it, but the song is even about not using an "e." And Huang's fans are loving it. Commenters have written things like, "These are some of my favorite lyrics you've written so far. Sick flow." It's at 12,000 views on YouTube right now but is sure to gain more purely for those skills.