It's been talked about, but the writers of the show say it will only take place if all of the characters are on board...At this point that doesn't appear likely.Cry

There's only been two show in the 2000's that we're MUST WATCH TV for me...Friday Night Lights and The O.C.  Maybe it was because I used live in California, the female eye candy, or the fact that I wished I could wear a badass wifebeater like Ryan and of course the classic lines like "Welcome to The O.C. BI*CH" or Sandy Cohen telling Ryan..."You could do worse"!

Anyway, I sure hope it happens...I remember watching the show in 2004 with my new born boy at the time and his eyes lighting up everytime he heard the theme song...So here it is for you with some video from the show to bring back some O.C. memories for you!  Cool