Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

By Kathleen Perricone

Fifth Harmony stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday morning to talk about their latest single, “Bo$$,” which famous ladies they admire most, and they even performed the track for us.

The “Bo$$” singers — former The X Factor contestants Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Dinah Jane Hansen, and Lauren Jauregui — shout out two very empowered women: First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. So are those the two top female bosses to Fifth Harmony?

They’re definitely at the top of the list. Come on, Oprah, Michelle … they got it going on!”

Other ladies on 5H’s Boss List include Demi Lovato, who they opened for on her Neon Lights Tour, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and Angelina Jolie.

But Fifth Harmony get excited about guys too, namely Chris Brown, who they once ran into … literally. After Dinah nearly had a fender bender while on The X Factor, the group bumped into him recently at a recording studio.

And then Camila had an interesting run-in with rapper T.I. in a bathroom … that was a little bit TMI.

“In the studio, there’s this gym that no one really goes in,” she explains. “I just go in there because I’m a little hermit crab. The lights are off and I was listening to my music. T.I. comes in, but I was, like … I didn’t say anything. And he goes in and he leaves the bathroom door open and he starts peeing. I was like, ‘Hey, I should probably let you know someone is in here right now.’ And he came out and he was like, ‘I’m so sorry, man.’”

The fab five first met when they auditioned, albeit separately and not as a group, on The X Factor in 2012. After they were each eliminated, Simon Cowell had the wise idea to put them into a group … and the rest is history!

But even before that point, even though the girls were competing with each other, “we had all kind of buddied up with everyone … Lauren and Camila were friends. We all met Ally somehow. And then when they formed us together onstage, it was, ‘Oh, I already know these girls.’”

“Bo$$” is available on iTunes now here!