A Guy Doesn't Think a Club's V.I.P. Section Is Exclusive Enough . . . So He Buys 400 Cases of Beer to Build a Wall Around It?


 Most of us would be happy even GETTING INTO the V.I.P. section at a club in Vegas.  But apparently it gets old after a while, and you have to come up with ways to make it even MORE exclusive.


There's a nightclub at the Wynn called XS, and on Monday night, someone in the V.I.P. section wanted a little more privacy . . . apparently so none of the commoners by the pool area could see in.


So they bought 400 CASES of BEER, stacked them up like a FORT, and literally WALLED OFF the V.I.P. section.  From the photos, it looks like there are a couple dozen people at the private party.


In case you're wondering, that's 9,600 beers, so the stunt reportedly cost him $80,000.  Which, to be fair . . . is probably what it costs in Vegas to get bottle service and a couple pitchers of cranberry juice for a private party that big.


So far, no one seems to know who the guy is . . . or how microscopic his junk must be. 



(Check out some photos here.)