It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that Lifetime's upcoming movie "Saved By the Bell:  The Unauthorized Story" is going to be AWFUL.  And they just released a preview clip that rams that point home.


  It's from a scene in which the cast is doing a photo shoot.  Lark Voorhies gets mad at Tiffani Thiessen for flirting with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, whom SHE likes.


Meanwhile, Mario Lopez just suddenly gets down on the floor and starts doing push-ups.  A jealous Dustin Diamond gets down and tries to outdo him, but of course he CAN'T.  So they almost get into a fight.


Then Elizabeth Berkley gets grossed out by Mario because he's SWEATING from doing roughly 27-seconds worth of push-ups.


By the end of the clip, everybody's just fighting with everybody else.  It's all extremely contrived.  And to make matters worse, none of these actors looks like the person they're playing. 



(Check it out here.)