The new treatment (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT) for baldness doesn't involve transplants, weaves, or growing hair . . . they TATTOO stubble on your head, so it looks like you have hair but just CHOSE to shave your head.  Basically it gives you a Vin Diesel look for the rest of your life.  (And supposedly he's DONE it . . . along with Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, and Pitbull.  They call it micropigmentation.  Here's a clip with a few people explaining how it works, and then a few guys talking about how much they like it.  The girl is Julissa Rosado, from His Hair Clinic.  The first guy is Orian Barzily, who has had the procedure done, and now does it for other people.  And there are two clients, a guy named Anthony Castiglia and another guy who wanted to remain anonymous.)