Photo of the Day: A Guy Takes His Mugshot Wearing a T-Shirt With His Old Mugshot On It

   It's a strange time we live in . . . criminals aren't ASHAMED of their mugshots, they're actually doing stupid stuff to make their mugshots go viral.  We are through the looking glass, people.


19-year-old Robert Burt of Pittsfield, Maine was busted for drunk driving back in June . . . had a mugshot taken . . . got bailed out . . . and wound up pleading guilty.


He was sentenced to 48 hours in jail, from August 8th through 10th.  And when he reported to the Somerset County jail, he was wearing a t-shirt featuring the MUGSHOT from his arrest.


So when the jail staff took his BOOKING mugshot, he's wearing a t-shirt with his FIRST mugshot on it.  And he's got the same horrible mustache in both.


A co-worker made it for him, knowing he'd HAVE to get the second mugshot.  It even said "Burt Family Reunion . . . sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff."  Because Robert has another relative in the SAME JAIL.


He wrote on Facebook that the corrections officers LOVED his shirt . . . and made sure it was clearly visible in his new mugshot.


He's very proud of himself too . . . he wrote, quote, "Probably the best mugshot ever haha." 


(Check out both mugshots here.)