Photo of the Day: A Mom Caught Her Son Hooking Up With His Girlfriend . . . and Made Her a Cake About Dry Humping to Let Her Know It's Okay?


 We can't guarantee this story is for real . . . but it's awesome if it is.


An 18-year-old kid in Texas says he was hooking up with his girlfriend about a month ago, when his MOM walked in.


They weren't having sex . . . in fact, they were fully clothed.  But it's still been SUPER awkward between his mom and his girlfriend ever since.


So his mom decided to clear the air . . . by baking a CAKE for the girl, and writing in frosting, quote, "Sorry we caught you dry humping our son.  We still love you!"


The kid posted a photo of the cake online a few days ago, and it started going viral.  He wrote in the comments on the post that that's NOT great news.  Quote, "If my girlfriend finds out, I'll be [effed].  And not in the good way." 


(Here's a photo of the cake.)