A study out of Northumbria University in England had women rate computer-generated images based on real movements, and figured out the five dance moves that make men more ATTRACTIVE.  The findings are a little too general, but every bit helps.


1.  Move your head.  Whether you're nodding or shaking your head to the beat . . . you want to keep it loose and varied.  Don't act like you're wearing a neck brace.


2.  Move your wrists.  You don't want them all locked up.


3.  Move your left shoulder.  Like, bounce your left shoulder up and down once in a while.  And again, keep the movement varied.


4.  Make fast movements with your right knee.  Make sure your right leg swivels at the knee.  So, gyrating your right leg using your hip, in sort of a circular way.  Like ELVIS . . . or MICHAEL JACKSON in the "Rock With You" video.


5.  Keep your upper body moving.  You want your torso to move around, as opposed to flailing your ARMS around.  But don't keep your arms and legs TOO close to your body.  


  The researchers say these moves could be biological signals of your, quote, "reproductive quality in terms of health, vigor, or strength" . . . which is why women find them so attractive.