Nothing makes family outings more fun than math, right?  A psychologist in England came up with a mathematical formula for the perfect family day out.


  Basically, enjoyment goes up based on things like spending the right amount of time together, visiting places you all like, and how much you laugh.  And it goes DOWN based on things like bad weather and technology getting in the way.


Here are the seven ideal conditions for the perfect family day out, based on his formula.

  1.  Spending about four hours together.  Kids only want to spend one or two hours with their parents, but parents want five or six.  So, compromise.

  2.  Going to the beach, and then a fair or carnival.

  3.  Laughing 11 times.

  4.  Kissing your kids five times.

  5.  Hugging them six times.

  6.  Sunny weather.

  7.  No more than seven photos.