If you want to make millions of Americans angry simultaneously, here's how:  Make swooping generalizations about their state AND their dessert preferences.  The people who made this list better have bodyguards.


Slate.com decided to make a list of the unofficial DESSERT of all 50 states.  Their only rules were that each state had to have a different dessert and no state could have apple pie, since that's the all-American dessert.


A few of their picks are clearly no-brainers:  Florida gets key lime pie . . . Georgia has peach cobbler . . . Massachusetts has Boston cream pie . . . and New York has cheesecake.


But a lot of states got desserts that seem like a real stretch.  Arkansas got red velvet cake . . . even though it was invented in New York . . . since it's red and white, it's the same colors as the University of Arkansas.


Montana got s'mores because they have hiking destinations including, quote, "part of Yellowstone."


And Alaska got baked Alaska even though it wasn't invented in Alaska or even by someone who had ever even BEEN to Alaska. 


 (You can see the full list of all 50 states' official desserts here.)