Years ago, there were reports that BRAD PITT wasn't the most pleasingly aromatic guy in Hollywood.  And now,JASON PRIESTLEY confirms that Brad was pretty good at letting himself go.


In his new memoir, Jason shares some stories about being Brad's roommate 25-plus years ago, when they were both struggling actors.


He says, quote, "Just for fun, we used to have competitions over who could go the longest without showering or shaving.  Brad always won."  They were living with one other dude, who apparently never made it big . . . at least, not as an actor.


He adds, quote, "Having to go on an audition meant cleaning up, which is what usually put an end to the streak."


(Here's a photo of Brad and Jason chillin' together back in the day.  Brad is the guy in the background drinking a beer.  Jason is on the far right.)