Concert meet-and-greet packages are so expensive these days they hardly seem worth it.  But if you pay the $995 to meet MILEY CYRUS before one of her shows, you could say that you definitely get your money's worth.


One guy who met Miley at the Nassau Coliseum in New York last weekend used his photo opportunity to the fullest, by standing behind Miley and CUPPING HER BREASTS.  And she was totally game for it.


Apparently, the guy is gay, because he also asked Miley to give him his, quote, "first and last kiss with a girl."  She replied that he would be her, quote, "first and last kiss with a boy" . . . and they pretended to make out.  (Check out the pics here.)


A source says, quote, "Miley is just having fun with her fans.  She spends time with them and talks to them at meet and greets."