TRACY MORGAN is back home.  He was in a rehab facility, recovering from a car crash in New Jersey last month.  He suffered a broken leg and several broken ribs.  On Saturday, his rep said he'll do the rest of his rehab from home.


Tracy also just filed a lawsuit against Walmart over the crash, because it was one of their trucks that slammed into the back of his limo around 1:00 A.M. on June 7th.


The lawsuit alleges that Walmart was negligent for overworking the driver, and he shouldn't have been on the road to begin with.


The 35-year-old driver had been working for 13-and-a-half hours when the crash happened, and he's accused of not sleeping for over 24 hours, which is against the law in New Jersey.


He was also doing 65 in a 45 when it happened, according to investigators.


Walmart released a statement on Saturday that said they're cooperating with the investigation, and still "committed to doing the right thing for all involved."  Tracy and three other plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages.


(The paparazzi got a photo of Tracy in a wheelchair with a bandaged leg.)