has put out a so-called "Definitive Ranking of the Hottest Bald Actors In Hollywood".


 Here are the Top 10 Bald Actors in Hollywood:


1.  Patrick Stewart


2.  Taye Diggs


3.  Ben Kingsley


4.  Billy Zane


5.  LL Cool J


6.  Louis C.K.


7.  Samuel L. Jackson


8.  Sean Connery


9.  Woody Harrelson


10.  Bruce Willis


(They've got THE ROCK at #13, JASON STATHAM at #15 and the guy who played John Locke on "Lost" at #20.  I'd let any of those three manhandle me sooner than Woody Harrelson.  But that's just me.  You can find the complete list here.)