A guy lunged at BRAD PITT at the premiere of ANGELINA JOLIE'S new movie "Maleficent" in Hollywood yesterday.  He was in the fan area, but jumped over the metal barrier and onto the red carpet. 


Then he ran up to Brad and grabbed him.  It sounds like he made contact somehow, by hugging Brad, and then either touching or hitting his face. 


He was grabbed pretty quickly by six or seven security guards, who wrestled him back over the barrier and held him there.  Then the LAPD arrested him and led him away in handcuffs, to be booked for misdemeanor battery and held on $20,000 bail. 


Brad kept signing autographs and talking to fans, then headed into the theater.  Angelina Jolie was in a different area at the time.  (Check out photos here and here.)


The guy who did it is a 25-year-old Ukrainian TV presenter named Vitalii Sediuk.  He's the idiot who put his head under AMERICA FERRERA'S dress at the Cannes film festival a couple weeks ago, and got slapped for trying to kiss WILL SMITH in 2012.


He also hugged LEONARDO DICAPRIO'S crotch this past February.  How does this keep happening?