"Time" magazine looked at the 500 most popular celebrities on Twitter, to find out who's the SMARTEST.


To do that, they analyzed each person's posts to see what the reading level of their average tweet was.  And they found that the "smartest" celebrity on Twitter is . . . LEONARDO DICAPRIO.


Now, that doesn't necessarily mean his tweets are the work of a GENIUS or anything.  In fact, his average tweet isn't even at an EIGHTH GRADE reading level.


But that's probably because practically NO ONE tweets at higher than an eighth grade level.  Anyway, here are the 20 "smartest" celebrities on twitter, along with the average reading level of their tweets.


1.  Leonardo DiCaprio.  The average reading level of his tweets is grade 7.5.


2.  Pattie Mallette . . . a.k.a., Justin Bieber's mom.  Grade level 7.3.


3.  Jimmy Kimmel, grade 7.


4.  Ludacris, 6.8.


5.  The guys from Green Day, 6.8.


6.  Samuel L. Jackson, 6.8.


7.  Usher, 6.6.


8.  JWoww from "Jersey Shore", 6.6. 


9-14.  Kevin Spacey, 6.5.  He's tied with:  Wyclef JeanEva LongoriaMike TysonReverend Run, and British singer Jessie J.


15-20.  Seth MacFarlane, 6.4.  He's tied with PharrellFlo RidaNicole RichieParis Hilton, and Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.



(You can check out the top 50, here.)