We all knew TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY STYLES were destined to crash and burn . . . and we were right.  According to several sources, they broke up sometime last week, which puts their relationship somewhere around the two-month mark. 

--Here's what happened:  They flew to the Virgin Islands TOGETHER on January 1st . . . had a "heated argument" . . . and then broke up.  Just like that.  Someone even took a photo of Taylor sitting alone on a boat.  (--Here's the photo.)  (New York Post)

--So, Taylor decided to come back to the states while Harry accepted a sweet invitation to party on British billionaire RICHARD BRANSON'S private island.

--Neither of them said a word about it . . . and then on Saturday Taylor opened the door when she Tweeted, "Til you put me down".  That's a line from her song "I Knew You Were Trouble", which is supposedly about Harry.

--The full line is "Flew me to places I'd never been / so you put me down".  The "put me down" part would be Harry breaking up with her.  (--The real question is:  Did you have the OVER or the UNDER on these two making it past two months?)