Want a celebrity at your next party?  Well, if you're looking for a star who's a little more happening than, say, someone from the cast of "What's Happening" . . . then you can expect to PAY.  Here are 10 Ridiculous Celebrity Appearance Fees . . .


Kim Kardashian commands about $50,000 per appearance.  And when she turned 30 back in 2010, she reportedly made $500,000 from various clubs over the course of a week.


In 2007, a Las Vegas nightclub paid Lindsay Lohan $350,000 to celebrate her 21st birthday there.  She never cashed that paycheck, though, because she went to rehab instead.


He may have had to lower his asking price in recent years, but at the height of his popularity, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentinofrom "Jersey Shore" was getting $50,000.


Cher can be had for a mere $1.5 million.


Mariah Carey was once paid $1 million to perform four songs at an event.


Elton John demands a minimum of $1.5 million to $2 million.  Aerosmith is in that same range.


Jay Z can command anywhere from $1 million to $1.5 million per appearance.  Beyoncé once got $2 million for a private New Year's Eve party.


Christina Aguilera once got $1 million to perform for ONE HOUR at a Halloween party.  That's almost $17,000 PER MINUTE.


And finally, if you're on a tight budget and literally ANY celebrity will do . . . Vanilla Ice will show up for 15-grand.