Here's an interesting fact about our new Miss USA, NIA SANCHEZ:  She doesn't even know the capital of Nevada, the state she represented in the pageant.


Nia was asked yesterday during a radio interview (On "The Todd Show" on WPLJ in New York) and she couldn't name it.


When the host "reminded" her that it was Carson City, she said, quote, "Thank you I was going to say that!  I was like, that one DJ host on MTV, back in the day, his name, that's how I always remembered it."


She was, obviously, talking about CARSON DALY.  (Here's video.)






This is interesting, because there's actually some controversy over whether or not Sanchez FAKED her Nevada residency.  She was born in California, and in 2010, 2011 and 2012, she unsuccessfully competed in the Miss California pageant.


Then she moved to Nevada, but claims she sat out the 2013 pageant because she hadn't lived there long enough yet, and wanted to do everything above-board.


But both she and pageant officials say she met all residency requirements.