What's the one thing in your place that totally kills the mood if you're about to GET IT ON?  According to a new survey, here are the ten biggest turn-offs.


1.  Bad smells.  Which could include feet, passing gas, or just neglecting to take the trash out.

2.  A dirty kitchen.  Even if you're not getting BUSY in the kitchen.

3.  A picture of your ex.  Which is weird, because it's something most people don't just have lying around their HOUSE.  But I guess Facebook also factors in.

4.  A dirty bedroom.

5.  Having a weird collection.  Like Steve Carell in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", who had old action figures all over his apartment.  Or if you're a woman, having a bunch of stuffed animals.

6.  Empty beer bottles, or anything that suggests you were partying and didn't bother to clean up.

7.  Too much sports memorabilia.

8.  Dust.  Which is something only WOMEN care about.  (Has a guy ever turned down sex because of DUST?)

9.  Anything that reminds you of your kids, or THEIR kids.  Like toys lying around.

10.  Anything that takes up space and makes it feel claustrophobic.