"Life & Style" magazine claims MILEY CYRUS is, quote, "Pregnant and scared."  The cover of the new issue adds, quote, "After months of one-night stands and out-of-control partying, Miley finally hits rock bottom."


An anonymous "friend" of Miley's says, quote, "I don't think she would even know who the father is, since she has been so promiscuous."


A rep for Miley has already denied the report . . . saying, quote, " It's absolutely not true."


So apparently, that rumor is DEAD . . .and so is Miley's dog.



On Tuesday, she Tweeted, quote, "Today is the second worst day of my life . . . my precious baby Floyd has passed away.  I am broken . . . I know I don't mean it, but I wish he would've taken me with him.  This is unbearable."


Her followers tried to make her feel better, but Miley didn't want to hear it.  She Tweeted, quote, "What you don't understand is he's NOT in a better place.  The best place he could be was with me . . . where he was loved more than anything."


Miley pulled herself together enough to perform last night in Boston, but she broke down while singing FLEETWOOD MAC'S"Landslide", which she dedicated to Floyd.  (Here's video . . . and there's more, here.)







(She Tweeted a few photos of her and Floyd.  Here's one, and here's the other.  She didn't say how Floyd died . . . but he was pretty young.)