JIMMY FALLON brought the "Tonight Show" back to New York City for the first time in almost 42 years last night. He's in the same studio that JOHNNY CARSON used before he brought the show to California in 1972.


He started off with the PERFECT introduction, saying, quote, "I'm Jimmy Fallon and I'll be your host . . . for now."  (Here's video up through the end of the monologue.)


He thanked the previous "Tonight Show" hosts, which was interesting because he DID mention CONAN O'BRIEN . . . and got a laugh by saying JAY LENO'S name twice.  (Skip to the 1:11 mark in the video for that.)



Then after his monologue, Jimmy sat down at his desk and said that a friend of his owed him $100, because he said Jimmy would never be the host of the "Tonight Show".  Then ROBERT DE NIRO came out and slapped a C-Note on Jimmy's desk.


But he wasn't alone.  One at a time, the following stars came out and did the same thing:  Robert De NiroTina FeyJoe Namath . . . who was NOT wearing a huge fur coat . . . Rudy GiulianiMariah CareyTracy MorganJoan Rivers, Kim KardashianSeth RogenLindsay LohanSarah Jessica ParkerMike TysonLady Gaga . . .


And finally, Stephen Colbert, who paid with a bucket full of pennies, which he dumped all over Jimmy.  Then he took a selfie of the two of them and said, quote, "Welcome to 11:30, [B-word]."  That's Colbert's timeslot on Comedy Central.  (Here's video.)






This was followed by Jimmy and his first guest WILL SMITH doing "The Evolution Of Hip-Hop Dancing".



U2 was the musical guest.  They performed twice . . . first they did their new single "Invisible", then they closed out the show with an acoustic version of their Oscar-nominated song "Ordinary Love"


(Jimmy hasn't posted the performance videos yet, but we've got some unofficial links.  You can watch the acoustic "Ordinary Love" here.  And you'll find "Invisible" here.)



("The New York Times" has some great background on the move to New York here.)