#Trending - Friday, February 10th, 2017

Tom Brady Is Charging Ridiculous Amounts for His Signature


TOM BRADY is doing an autograph signing event with a memorabilia company next month, and it's really only for hardcore collectors . . . because the prices are pretty outrageous.


For example, he'll sign a football for $1,000 . . . or a "game-day style jersey" for $1,200.  Of course, you can't actually buy the jersey he wore during the Super Bowl . . . because it's still M.I.A.  And also, you'd need to be OPRAH for that to be in your price range.


Brady will sign a photo for $850 . . . and if you want him to add "5x SB Champ," that'll cost you an extra $400.  And he'll also add a 20-character personalization for an additional $500. 


So for $1,750, you can get an autographed photo that says 'To Matt Ryan, Love Tom Brady, 5x SB Champ.' 


Or for $1,500, you can theoretically get a signed football that says 'Check the inflation.  -Tom Brady.'  And that just might be worth it.

Originally posted on February 10th, 2017

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