#Trending - Wednesday, March 8th, 2017


A Guy Replaces His Sister's Goldfish With Baby Carrots to See If She Notices . . . But She Doesn't


What a strange era we live in, where a kid messing with his sister becomes international news.  You know, back in my day, we messed with our sisters just for the love of messing with them, not to get famous.


A kid named Samuel Annis from Johnstown, Ohio didn't think his sister was taking good care of her goldfish, so he took them out of her tank last week and replaced them with BABY CARROTS.  Then he posted a picture of it to Twitter and put the fish in his tank to take care of them until she noticed.


She never did.  But the INTERNET did . . . and his tweet about replacing the fish has now gone viral.  There's STILL no word on whether his sister has figured out what's going on. 


(Mashable / Twitter)  


(Here are a few photos.)


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