Wednesday Morning Moron Award 3/08/17


A Man Dressed as "Left Shark" Robs a Gas Station . . . and Just Winds Up Stealing Candy


 Remember KATY PERRY'S Super Bowl halftime show two years ago, when the person dressed as the Left Shark went rogue and was doing all sorts of random dance moves?


Well, some people bought Left Shark costumes after that.  But what do you do with that costume now that the pop culture moment has passed?  Here's one thing . . .


A guy dressed as Left Shark robbed a gas station in Canterbury, New Zealand on Monday morning, along with a friend of his who was just in a hoodie.  You know, like a normal small-time criminal.


But when the employees saw them, they ran and locked themselves in the back room.  And with no one there to open up the register, Left Shark and his buddy only managed to get away with a bag full of CANDY.


The cops are trying to track them down.




(Here are a few surveillance photos.)



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