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The Highest Paying Jobs in America in 2017


The website Glassdoor.com just released their list of the highest paying jobs in America in 2017, and it sure is lucrative to be a drug dealer.


A legal one, since almost all of the top jobs are medicine and pharmaceutical related.  Although I'm sure the guys doing it illegally are pulling in solid cash too.  Anyway, here are the 10 best-paying jobs, and their average salary . . .


1.  Physician, $188,000.


2.  Pharmacy manager, $149,000.


3.  Patent attorney, $140,000.


4.  Medical science liaison, $133,000.


5.  Pharmacist, $126,000.


6.  Enterprise architect, $113,000.


7.  Physician assistant, $113,000.


8.  App development manager, $112,000.


9.  Research and development manager, $112,000.


10.  Corporate accountant or controller, $111,000. 


(PR Newswire)  


(Here's their full list of the 25 best paying jobs.)

Originally posted on March 10th, 2017

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