Tuesday Morning Moron Award


A Couple Posts Fake Murder Photos on Facebook as a "Prank"



A couple from Sandusky, Ohio pulled a HI-larious prank on Thursday.  A woman named Nataleigh Schlette climbed into the bathtub, and her boyfriend, Micah Risner, poured ketchup on her and put a knife next to her.


They were trying to make it look like he MURDERED her.  Then he took some photos and posted them on Facebook.


A bunch of people called 911, and cops SWARMED their house . . . only to find out that they'd faked the whole thing.


They said it was a PRANK, but also had another purpose.  Nataleigh's sister had taken some money from them, and they were hoping the prank would get her to come over so they could confront her and get paid back.


Both of them were arrested for inducing panic. 


(Sandusky Register / Daily Mail)  


(Here's a photo of them posing together . . . and the fake murder photo from the bathtub.)



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