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Is It Worthless to Shower With Soap?  One Dermatologist Says Yes


There's a dermatologist at the University of Toronto named Sandy Skotnicki, and she's currently working on a book that makes a pretty wild claim:  You don't need soap.


Quote, "If you go to work, dress in a long-sleeve shirt and pants, you're in your office all day and you go home, there's no reason for you to use soap.  Even if you've been at the gym, you don't necessarily need soap . . . water is more than enough to clean off."


She says we're not getting anywhere close to as dirty as we think we are.


And modern soaps are so filled with chemicals that they're doing more damage to our skin than good.  They're just making us itchy and don't even do a particularly good job at getting the bacteria off of us.


So should you EVER use soap?  Sure, if you're actually dirty . . . but if you're showering with it daily, it's really unnecessary. 


(Toronto Star)

Originally posted on March 15th, 2017

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