A Guy Proposes From the Top of a Mountain, But....

  Proposing on top of a mountain peak is pretty romantic.  But you also have to think about practical stuff.  Like, maybe don't do it in 90-degree heat . . .


A couple from Ohio named George Begalla and Katie Woodford were on vacation in Arizona last Thursday.  (They both look like they're in their 30s.)


George decided to propose at the top of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, which is about 3,000 feet high.  So they hiked to the top together . . . he popped the question . . . and she said yes.


Then right after the proposal, Katie started hyperventilating and her muscles cramped up.  It turned out she was dehydrated and overheated from the hike.  So George called 911, and she had to be airlifted out by HELICOPTER.


Luckily she's okay.  But then after they rescued her, someone realized George's heart rate was way too high to walk back down the mountain . . . so the helicopter had to come back and rescue HIM too.


He told the local news that his proposal didn't quite go as planned, but it's a good story to tell.  And while they were in the hospital, they made plans to get married over the weekend. 


(AZFamily.com / Fox10Phoenix.com)


(Here are some photos of Katie being rescued.)



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