Last Night's Dream 3/20/17

So I was lazy all day Sunday and watched the new Netflix Marvel show "The Iron Fist", read the full story of Bonnie Lee Bakley, and then I watch part of "The Walking Dead".

So the dream started with me in a post apocalyptic world, I made fast friends with a girl my age.  She took me back to their "safe zone", very Walking Dead-esque.  Her mother reminded me of a dirty Bonnie Lee Bakley, obsessed with finding powerful/famous men as her lover.

I soon discovered her mother was very OCD, we had to enter the camp by climbing the fence, but had to leave by just opening the gate door.  There was a room we were never allowed to enter and I witnessed her mother going in and out all the time with coolers...  My curiosity was peaked.

Apparently the leader of their group was continuing to issue orders, but was always shut up in a separate room or out tending to groceries and ammo.  I asked my friend when the last time was she saw him, she said it had been months but her mother had been communicating his orders for him.

One night I can no longer help myself, I dress in black and slowly follow my friend's mom into the room no one is allowed, what I witnessed was horrifying.  An older man was strapped up to a medical table with his chest cut open and pinned back...  The woman opens her cooler and pulls out a human liver, though it looked to be rotting.  She places it within the man's torso and continues to move things around inside of him.  Feeling the urge to vomit, I run from the room and vomit then wake up.

So she was crazy and thought she was keeping the leader guy alive/fixing him, but he had been dead a lonnnggggg time. Gnarly right??

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