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What Weird Product Does Every State Shop For More Than Anyone Else?


  You can buy SO many dumb things thanks to the Internet . . . and apparently, across this fine country, we're buying ALL of them.


 The real estate website Estately just did a study of Google Shopping searches to see what WEIRD product every state is shopping for more than anyone else . . . and the results did not disappoint.  Here are ten highlights . . .


1.  The people in Colorado shop for the "Borat" mankini more than anyone else.


2.  People in Oklahoma shop for zombie survival kits more than anyone else.


3.  Kansas . . . plus-size lingerie wholesale.  (As a known chubby chaser AND a known cheapskate, this is like my dream scenario.)


4.  South Carolina . . . adult Underoos.


5.  Massachusetts . . . velour track suits.


6.  Wisconsin . . . Truck Nuts.  Those are plastic testes you dangle from a trailer hitch.


7.  Nebraska . . . jorts, or jean shorts.


8.  Georgia . . . plaid pants.


9.  West Virginia . . . Confederate flag bikinis.  That's strange, West Virginia only became a state when it split off from Virginia during the Civil War to be part of the Union.


10.  Indiana . . . blow-up dolls. 




(Here are the results for every state.)

Originally posted on March 24th, 2017

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