Reasons Movies Were Banned in Other Countries


 American movies are big business around the world . . . but not everything we do translates to other nations and cultures.  Here are some movies that were banned in other countries for weird reasons:


1.  "Back to the Future" in China.  It turns out China has a problem with TIME TRAVEL.  Apparently, because time travel stories tend to inaccurately portray historical events or figures.


2.  China also banned the new "Ghostbusters" because it might, quote, "promote cults or superstition."  They also banned "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" for its supernatural elements . . . and also the cannibalism.


3.  "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.  What could possibly be wrong with "E.T."?  Well, it, quote, "portrays adults as the enemies of children.


None of them banned the movie outright.  In Sweden, kids under 11 couldn't get in . . .  Finland barred kids under 8 . . . and Norway made it a 12 and over deal.


4.  "Beauty and the Beast" and "Power Rangers" in Russia and Malaysia.  Once again, neither received a total ban . . . but age restrictions were put in place because each movie has a gay character.


In Russia, you have to be 16 to see "Beauty and the Beast", and 18 to see "Power Rangers".  In Malaysia, both were rated PG-13.  (Russia is stricter than Malaysia???)


5.  "Zoolander" in Malaysia and Singapore.  You would think the borderline homoeroticism would be the reason.  But Malaysia banned it because the villains plot to assassinate the Malaysian prime minister.  They fail, but still.


It wasn't allowed in Singapore because of, quote, "controversial elements gathered from feedback" . . . which could very well have been a gentler way of saying BORDERLINE HOMOEROTICISM.


6.  Anything with CLAIRE DANES in the Philippines.  Claire trashed Manila after filming the 1999 movie "Brokedown Palace" there.  She and her movies have been banned ever since.


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Originally posted on March 28th, 2017

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