Tuesday Morning Moron Award


There's really no coming back from this photo for this guy.


A guy was trying to break into an elementary school in Tucson, Arizona before it opened on Friday morning . . . but he saw someone else on the grounds so he got scared and ran.


He tried to climb the fence to get away, but there was one big problem:  His pants were too baggy and they SNAGGED on the spikes at the top of the fence.


So the guy found himself completely TRAPPED, dangling upside-down, with his pants around his ankles. 


And naturally, a few people drove by . . . and took pictures.


Fortunately for him, it looks like he was wearing pretty thick white boxers that did a good job covering up his junk while he was stuck there.


The police eventually showed up, cut him loose, and arrested him. 


(Tucson News Now)  

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