Guys Steal Car to Pick Up an Ankle Monitor


 I'm not sure these two guys are criminal masterminds that we have to worry about.


A 20-year-old guy named Alfonso Rodriguez just got out of jail after doing time for kidnapping and assault charges.


He needed to pick up his ankle monitor from the courthouse on Thursday, and he got his 19-year-old friend John Benavidez to drive him.


There was just one problem.  They didn't have any way to get there . . . so they STOLE a car.  Yes, they took a stolen car to go pick up an ankle monitor.


The cops got a LoJack alert from that car, and when they tracked it, they realized it was parked outside the courthouse.


Both guys were arrested on car theft charges. 


(CBS 13 - Albuquerque)

Originally posted on April  3rd, 2017

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