Monday Morning Moron Award 4-03-17


A Man Spray Paints His Marriage Proposal on a Wall . . . and Gets Arrested


 In this day and age, no one proposes by getting down on one knee and giving a little speech anymore.  No . . . now everything's got to be grandiose and public and Instagrammable.


A 23-year-old guy named Kyle Stump from Sheffield Lake, Ohio proposed to his girlfriend Michelle back on March 17th by SPRAY PAINTING it on the wall of a shopping center.


It said, quote, "Michelle, marry me.  I love you.  3-17-17.  Familia."


The cops figured out who was behind the graffiti a few days later . . . and Kyle was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.  He'll be in court tomorrow.


On the bright side for him, Michelle said yes. 


(Fox 8 - Cleveland)  

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