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People in Denmark Are the Happiest in the World Thanks to Following 10 Rules of Life


 If you never get your hopes up, you'll always be thrilled when things go well . . . and you'll never be let down if they don't. 


Whenever there's a survey on the HAPPIEST countries in the world, Denmark usually comes out on top . . . and one of the main reasons is that philosophy of low expectations.


Seriously.  There are 10 cultural rules called "Jante Law" (pronounced YUN-thu) that they try to live their life by and, basically, those rules set them up to expect life to be totally average.


That way, they're happy when things go well and not too sad when they don't.


And when you hear the rules, you'll see they're VERY different than the unofficial rules we live by . . . which would mostly be like, "You're unique, you're special, and if you don't achieve the success you're entitled to, you got screwed."


Here are the 10 rules of Jante Law . . .


1.  Don't think you are anything special.


2.  Don't think you're as good as other people are.


3.  Don't think you're smarter than other people are.


4.  Don't convince yourself you're better than other people.


5.  Don't think you know more than other people do.


6.  Don't think you're more important than you are. 


7.  Don't think you're good at anything.


8.  Don't laugh at other people.


9.  Don't think anyone cares about you.


10.  Don't think you can teach anyone anything.



Originally posted on April  3rd, 2017

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