Wednesday Morning Moron Award 4/05/17


A Guy in a "Drunk Lives Matter" T-Shirt Is Busted For a DUI


 This guy's t-shirt isn't particularly clever, but it turned out to be ironically perfect.


A 44-year-old guy named Elwood Gutshall the Third was pulled over in Newville, Pennsylvania for drunk driving back on March 19th.  And he was wearing a t-shirt that said . . . "DRUNK LIVES MATTER."


The shirt had a St. Patrick's Day theme, with a clover over the "R" in "Drunk."  So it's not clear if old Elwood had thrown it on even though it was two days after St. Patrick's Day . . . or if he'd just been boozing in it for 48 hours straight.


Either way, his blood-alcohol level was 0.217, which is almost three times the legal limit, so he was charged with a DUI. 


(Penn Live)  


(Here's his mugshot, which includes the t-shirt.)

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