A School Newspaper Exposed Principal as a Fraud


The media's approval rating is pretty low right now, and some people say real journalism is dead.  But maybe there's hope after all . . .


A high school in Pittsburg, Kansas hired a new principal last month named Amy Robertson.  And the student newspaper was planning to do a fluff piece about her.


But when they looked into the university where she got her doctorate, they found stories about how it was a SCAM, and you could basically buy a degree.  It's an online school called Corllins University.  So they started digging deeper.


Six students worked on the story for three weeks, and found that a school she used to run in Dubai got shut down in 2013 for some shady reasons.  And she also isn't actually licensed to teach in Kansas.


 Apparently the Kansas Department of Education had approved all of her credentials.  And she initially claimed the students' story was, quote, "not based on facts."  But after they published it last Friday, she ended up RESIGNING.


The superintendent says he's proud of the students who broke the story, and so is their journalism teacher.  She says they weren't out to get anyone fired, they just followed the facts. 


(Kansas City Star)

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