A Family Earned $11,000 in a Weekend By....


Delta Airlines had to cancel around 3,000 flights last week because of storms.  And while that had to be an absolute NIGHTMARE for tens of thousands of people . . . it was a JACKPOT for one family.


A woman named Laura Begley Bloom and her family were supposed to travel from New York to Florida on Delta for a vacation on Friday.


Their flight actually WASN'T canceled, so Delta was offering up a ton of money for people to give up their seats.  Laura and her family negotiated $1,350 each to get bumped to Saturday . . . and since there were three of them, that was a total of $4,050.


When they went back to the airport on Saturday, THAT flight was also okay, and they each took another $1,315 to get bumped to Sunday.


And at the airport on Sunday, they decided just to forget about the trip to Florida, and they each took $1,000 to give up their seats . . . AND they got the original cost of the tickets refunded.


So, all in, the family made $11,000 over the weekend just to stay in New York. 



Originally posted on April 11th, 2017

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