Tuesday Morning Moron Award 4-11-17


A Man Eats Two Lobsters, Does 20 Vodka Oyster Shots, and Tries to Skip Out on His Bill by Running Into the Ocean


Two things here.  Don't claim you're an up-and-coming rapper if you're in your mid-30s and totally unknown.  And if you do, this isn't how you get street cred.


A 33-year-old "aspiring rapper" in Australia named Terry Peck goes by the stage name "2-Pec" . . . which might actually be lamer than just being a rapper named Terry.


On Sunday, he went to an upscale seafood restaurant that's right on the ocean near Brisbane.  He was by himself, but still managed to rack up a $466 bill.


He ate TWO whole lobsters . . . some baby octopus . . . a half-dozen oysters . . . had four beers . . . and also downed somewhere between 15 and 20 VODKA oyster shooters.  So he was hammered by the end of it.


And when he saw how high his bill was, he tried to skip out on it by running into the OCEAN to hide.


He swam out about 150 feet, and cops had to use jet skis to get to him.  Once they got him back in, he tried to claim he wasn't running out on his bill . . . he was running to help a woman who was giving BIRTH on the beach.  (???)


He also tried to claim he shouldn't have to pay, because the food was overpriced and not that good.  He's facing charges for theft and assaulting a police officer, and the restaurant banned him for life. 


(Time / News.com.au / Guardian)

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