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The Media Digs Up a Bunch of Dirt on the Guy Who Was Dragged Off the United Flight


 I'm glad to see that the rest of the media happily served as United Airlines' knight in shining armor to help that poor, misunderstood giant corporation defend itself.


By now, everyone's seen the video of that passenger getting beaten up and DRAGGED off a United flight by police officers.  It's because he refused to give up the seat he paid for so a United employee could have it instead.


Well, yesterday, the media . . . NOT us, because we'd like to think we're better than this . . . dutifully jumped in to have United's back, and dug up a bunch of dirt on the guy.


He's a 69-year-old named David Dao and, yes, he has some trouble in his past.  He was a doctor, but he was convicted in 2004 of illegally prescribing painkillers to a patient.


The allegations also say he gave the guy painkillers because Dao was, quote, "sexually interested" in him and possibly having a sexual relationship with him, even though Dao's married to a woman.


He finally got his medical license reinstated in 2015, but in the process, it came out that he had some mental health issues and a mood disorder.


BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS.  He was still beaten and bloodied by police who'd been dispatched to be a corporation's goons and, even if United was in their rights to remove him from the plane, the physical abuse and behavior wasn't morally RIGHT.


Imagine if it had been YOU, sitting on the plane, getting randomly forced to give up your seat so you'd have to miss work the next day, saying no, getting bloodied by police as they dragged you off the plane . . .


And then, the next day, news stories appeared everywhere with the worst thing that happened in your past . . . whether you did something illegal or it's just a Facebook photo you posted when you were 18 showing you drunk and acting stupid.


United didn't apologize, they blamed him for being belligerent.  That's the joy of being in an industry dominated by a four-company monopoly . . . they don't have to apologize because we're FORCED to use them.


And now we're all accomplices for turning their victim into a tabloid character.


There's literally no one who's coming out of this looking good or feeling good, and that's sad.  But no matter what, don't forget the most important thing:


Dr. Dao is the victim, regardless of what happened in his previous 69 years.  United is the bad guy here, and there's nothing in Dao's past that can change that. 


(The Smoking Gun)

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