Sick Girl Spends Her Last Moments with Ed Sheeran

A few years ago, we heard about how ED SHEERAN called a terminally ill teenage fan, and serenaded her over the phone.  She died just MINUTES afterward.


And now, the girl's brother is still talking about how grateful he is that Ed took the time to do that.  He says he sang his sister's favorite song "Little Bird" all the way through, and then they had to hang up on him, because they were losing her.


He said, quote, "We hang up on him and the doctor lifts the stethoscope to tell us her heart had stopped.  And we take the mask off because she'd been on a machine to breathe . . . and in that moment, I remember, a burst of light comes from the window and she smiled."  (Here's video of him saying that.)


Originally posted on April 18th, 2017

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