Friday Morning Moron Award 4-21-17

A Man Bites His Family's Dog to "Teach It a Lesson"?


 I'm pretty sure the best way to train a dog ISN'T by out-dogging them.


There's a 30-year-old guy in Brevard County, Florida named Zachary Kelly and his family has a four-month-old puppy named Phoebe.


He says she was acting up earlier this week . . . which is totally normal for puppies to do, by the way . . . and he decided to discipline her to, quote, "teach the dog a lesson."  How?  By BITING her.


His brother stepped in and told him that was abuse . . . so then Zachary turned his mouth on his brother and bit HIM, too.


He was arrested for animal cruelty and battery.  Fortunately Phoebe and Zachary's brother are both doing okay after being bitten. 


(FOX 35 - Orlando

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