Metric System Costs Driver From North Dakota $700

A guy from North Dakota had crossed the border into Canada on Sunday afternoon.  And as he was driving through Dufferin, Manitoba, he saw the speed limit sign said 100 . . . so he went 100 miles per hour.


Unfortunately, he didn't realize the speed limit was actually 100 kilometers per hour . . . which is more like 62 miles per hour.  So he was going WAY over the speed limit.  (100 miles per hour is 161 kilometers per hour.)


A Mountie caught him on a radar gun and issued him a ticket for $940 Canadian, which is about $690 U.S.


But that's not all.  Manitoba has a reciprocity agreement with several states, including North Dakota, so the guy's car insurance rates might go up from the ticket even though he got it in another country. 



Originally posted on May 4th, 2017

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