Good Reality TV and BAD According to Myself

I am happy to admit I am a trashy reality TV lover.  People ask me "how can you watch that crap?"

I say, "at the end of a long day of thinking, all I want to do is sit down with my chardonnay and watch trashy [people] fight."  (I usually use a different word other than 'people'... it starts with a B)

A lot you can find on Hulu, and most others you can purchase on Amazon or try to find a free stream.

Below are Favorites and a list of ones you can avoid-->


Flavor of Love

Rock of Love

Daisy of Love (Didn't get too creative with that title..)

Real Chance of Love

Are You The One

For the Love of Ray J

Bad Girls Club (On both lists because it got lame when they started bringing in a life coach to help the girls and they cry A LOT) Up to season 8 I believe is great trashy TV

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila (Bisexual with guys and girls competing, very racy- you've been warned)

A Double Shot at Love (^" " but Bisexual Twins)

Real Housewives of _________ (recently started watching because it felt like there was nothing else.... Beverly Hills and Orange County are the best ones)

What Happens at the Abbey (first episode was just last night, we'll see)

Second Wives Club (yeah, they made this.  A Real Housewives for Second Wives of Rich Men)

Millionaire Matchmaker

Bar Rescue

America's Next Top Model

Jersey Shore (Come on it's a classic) "Cab's heeerre!"

Geordie Shore (Oh yeah, the British many new slang words to learn)

Jacka** (mmMMm Johnny Knoxville ;) )

Ink Master

Face Off

**FAVORITE OF ALL TIME** The Challenge (Real World/Road Rules/Are You the One cast members get shoved in a house and complete in physical and mental challenges for a lot of money.  It's always different every season and always intense)

In Between: Love and Hip Hop/Basketball Wives and all extensions- They're not bad, they just have some real stuff going on that can hit home and be a little intense sometimes.  Like I said I watch this stuff so I don't have to think or feel.

Not a Fan:

I Love New York - she just really bothers me... like why can't you ever open your eyes all the way??

ANYTHING Kardashian - They are just so boring... they talk really slowly and there's always just around their houses or at a restaurant talking about each other, slowly.  There's no action, no plot, just ick.

#RichKids of Beverly Hills - More bothers you then anything that these children exist and behave like this. Where are your parents??!  I might like it more if I was in Middle School

Real World - Some earlier seasons are good, but they're scraping to keep it interesting lately with different plot lines and it just seems kinda cruel to the cast members and gets boring

Teen Mom - Boring and weird

The Apprentice - Boring no matter who the host is

ANYTHING HGTV - I like trash, not people who are better at building than me

American Idol - Only the auditions are good so I can laugh at people

The Voice - I'm probably just jealous... I don't watch reality to see people succeed, I also think it's bogus Adam and Blake always get to stay and the chick judges switch out

The Bachelor and Bachelorette - Only fun if you watch in a group or bet on the people to win etc.  Otherwise I think the corniness is too much for me



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