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Kylo is a Popular Baby Name This Year . . . Caitlyn, Not So Much


 If I had based my children's names on my pop culture fascinations at the time they were born, I'd have spent the last 20-some years saying, "And these are my kids, Lemmy and Xena."  And chances are they'd have stopped speaking to me around middle school.


But people just keep on scarring their children with names that they THINK are cool, but will probably mean little or nothing to people who will have to live with them for the rest of their lives.  Case in point:


The Social Security Administration released its annual list of the top baby names . . . and the fastest-growing name for a boy is KYLO . . . as in Kylo Ren, the villain in the new "Star Wars" trilogy.  It jumped almost 2,400 spots . . . from #3269 to #901.


The second-biggest jumper was CREED . . . which was obviously helped by the recent movie of the same name, where Rocky Balboa trains the son of Apollo Creed. 


For girls, KEHLANI was the biggest mover, from #3,359 to #872.  That's almost 2,500 spaces.  And it might have something to do with singer KEHLANI PARRISH.


On the flip side, the name that DROPPED the most was CAITLYN.  Actually, the FOUR names that dropped the most were four different variations of Caitlyn:  C-a-i-t-l-y-n, C-a-i-t-l-i-n, K-a-t-e-l-y-n-n, and K-a-i-t-l-y-n-n. 


All four fell out of the Top 1,000 last year.  But it's not necessarily because we're a bunch of bigots and homophobes.  It's just because it's CONTROVERSIAL.  


It's sad, but a "Caitlyn" would probably be subjected to more playground abuse than even a "Kylo" . . . and parents just don't want to saddle their kids with that.


Here are the most popular names:


For boys, NOAH took the top spot, followed by Liam, William, Mason, James, Benjamin, Jacob, Michael, Elijah, and Ethan.


For girls, it's EMMA, followed by Olivia, Ava, Sophia, Isabella, Mia, Charlotte, Abigail, Emily, and Harper.

Originally posted on May 15th, 2017


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