A Stray Pit Bull Just Became a Police Dog

A Stray Pit Bull Who Was Going to be Put Down Just Became a Police Dog


  A few months ago, a stray pit bull wound up at an animal shelter in Marysville, Ohio.  The staff named him Leonard and they wanted to find him a home . . . but he was too aggressive.  So he was scheduled to be PUT DOWN.


But then, the director of the center realized Leonard wasn't just an out-of-control aggressive pit bull . . . he just had a lot of energy that needed to be channeled.


So he contacted a police dog training center to see if they'd give him a shot.


They took in Leonard and they found they were quickly able to train him.


And now, he has a JOB at the police department in Clay Township, in western Ohio . . . and he just started his new life in their K9 unit this weekend. 


(Fox 28 - Columbus

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