#Trending - Monday, May 22nd, 2017

The Top Five Social Networks Ranked by How Likely They Are to Make You Feel Worse


  If you just checked out of social media for good, it would almost definitely make your life better.  But . . . none of us will do it.  We're social media masochists, all of us.


A new study looked at the effect that the biggest social networks had on us and it found that it's pretty damn negative. 


Instagram makes people feel the WORST.  Why?  Everyone shares photos that make it look like they're having an amazing time while you're not . . . plus the filters make them look more attractive than they are, which makes you insecure.


Snapchat makes us feel the second-worst . . . Facebook is third . . . Twitter is fourth . . . and YouTube is last. 


 YouTube is the only one that sometimes actually made people feel BETTER about themselves. 




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