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Here's the Easiest Way to Make Your Phone Less Addictive


  A guy named Tristan Harris used to be a designer for Google.  Now he does a lot of talks about how addictive our phones are.


The people who design them WANT them to be addictive, so we'll use them more.  He writes about it a lot on his website.  And he says there's one really easy want to make your phone LESS addictive.


Just change your settings so everything's BLACK-AND-WHITE.


He says you'll end up using it a lot less if you change your screen to "grayscale."  Obviously it's not as pretty to look at, but that's the point.  Subconsciously, you won't care as much, and you'll be less likely to check it all the time.


Pretty much any smartphone can do it.  Just google the type of phone you have.  You usually have to go into the "Accessibility" menu in your settings.


If you have an iPhone, go to "Settings" . . . "General" . . . "Accessibility" . . . "Display Accommodations" . . . and select "Color Filters."  Then switch "Color Filters" on and choose "Grayscale."


There's also a way to set it up so you can just triple-click the "home" button on your phone to switch back and forth.  So you can switch it back to color if you want to watch a video or something. 



Originally posted on June 7th, 2017

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